Canteen and Breakout Furniture

Create a space your staff and visitors can unwind in and help them be happier and more productive. TPS Office Furniture has a range of canteen furniture and breakout furniture to suit all budgets, brands and requirements.

Our Lincoln-based offices are a working showroom for a range of furniture we offer including breakout furniture and canteen seating. Book an appointment to come and try before you buy.











The Importance of Canteen or Breakout Furniture

Canteens and breakout areas serve as more than just a place to eat; they are crucial for social interaction, relaxation, and informal meetings. A well-designed canteen or breakout space can significantly impact employee morale and foster a collaborative culture within the workplace. TPS Office Furniture understands this dynamic and aims to provide furniture both functional and aesthetically pleasing for a welcoming environment.

Range of Canteen Furniture and Breakout Furniture

TPS Office Furniture offers a comprehensive range of canteen furniture and breakout furniture, designed to accommodate various styles and budgets, including:

  1. Dining Tables and Chairs: Available in multiple configurations, TPS provides options ranging from small two-seater tables to larger communal tables. The chairs are designed for comfort and durability, with materials like wood, metal, and plastic, ensuring they meet diverse client preferences.
  2. Benches and Stools: For a more casual or space-efficient setup, benches and stools are an excellent choice. TPS’s range includes options with and without backrests, stackable designs for easy storage, and varied height options to match different table types.
  3. Modular Furniture: Understanding that flexibility is key in modern workplaces, TPS offers modular furniture solutions. These pieces can be easily reconfigured to adapt to changing needs, whether for a quick reorganisation or a complete redesign of the canteen space.
  4. Soft Seating: For areas intended for relaxation or informal meetings, TPS provides a range of soft seating options like sofas, lounge chairs, and cushioned benches. These pieces offer a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, encouraging employees to take a break and recharge.

Quality and Durability

TPS Office Furniture places a strong emphasis on quality and durability. The furniture is crafted using high-grade materials and undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure longevity and resilience, even in high-traffic areas like canteens, staff rooms and other breakout areas. This commitment to quality ensures that the furniture remains in excellent condition, reducing the need for frequent replacements and ultimately providing better value for money.


In line with growing environmental awareness, TPS Office Furniture is dedicated to sustainable practices. They source materials responsibly, prioritise eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and offer products that contribute to a greener workplace. Clients who are conscious about their environmental impact can trust TPS to provide solutions that align with their sustainability goals.

Customer Service and Support

TPS Office Furniture is known for its excellent customer service. From the initial consultation to after-sales support, their team is committed to providing a seamless experience. They assist with space planning, offer installation services, and ensure that any issues are promptly addressed, ensuring complete client satisfaction.