Detailing an office with accessories is a great way to finish off a design for a space.  Accessories can be colourful, unique, funky, and very eye-catching all with a great purpose to.

Styling a space with great accessories from great planting to hidden cable management is where we like to think differently and think about what could and should work well for our clients.

Whether we look at cable management and how to hide all those cables, or a unique filing system that hides all the files or whether it’s the use and placing of monitors we really believe that accessories finish off a space and shouldn’t be forgotten about.  We often have great ideas which blend with your workspace, and we believe that careful consideration should be given in where accessories should and need to be located.  With many years’ experience in detailing and creating the right first impression for an office space we know what works and we like to help all our clients with delivering a work space that achieves an aspirational feeling of well being blended with ensuring productivity is achieve too. 



Whether it is modern clean designs or that extra special high end look you want to capture we can help and advise you on a range of great styles…

The simplest ideas are often the best and the most effective. The 25mm panel end legs provide an extremely strong desk whilst also giving a little extra privacy for those that need it. Legs are available in all of the 16 MFC finishes.

Hairpin Leg Desk 2


We hold a wide selection of chairs in our showroom and do offer a service to try a chair before you buy. As members of Backcare, we do really want to make sure that all our clients are as comfortable as required.

Giorgio Height Settable


We Recommend One Of The Most Competitively Priced Height Adjustable Desks On The Market Supplied With A 5 Year Guarantee And Digital Controller As Standard.  Nothing Comes Close For Quality Or Price.