In Trend and office design for the future!

13 July 2022

We love what we do in creating the right first impression for our clients and part of that is keeping up with trends and style along with what makes the right environment.  The use of plants and natural lighting along with the need for comfy and quiet spaces is shaping the way we work in our day to day working space.

Meeting Pods, Telephone chat boxes and private cubicles are being redefined all with the idea of providing the right space to promote better productivity. Your space can be fun it can be funky and it can be designed around your business needs and your personal needs.  Whether you need a specialist chair or a retractable / moving desk we can listen and we can design and plan what will really work for you….. 

Modern office environments often have green walls of plants promoting and boosting well-being is very important following the last few challenging years.  Creating a working environment  for employees around stimulating senses, providing for comfort and considering effective working requirements is very important.  At TPS our staff have many years’ experience in understanding and creating the right environment.

Here are our top tips:

  1. Think sustainability when changing your workspace.
  2. Think about comfortable and relaxed spaces for employees to use.
  3. Think dynamic – be bold be different.
  4. Think privacy pods and chat areas.
  5. Think plants, combined with bright spaces.
  6. Think about the well being of employees and that each employee may have different needs.

If you can be individual, that’s great along with being brave and think and consider durability – always. 

Think about what is important to you –

  • Is it space saving storage?
  • Is it colour combinations?
  • Is it desking?
  • Is it meeting areas?

Include pics of phone box, meeting pods, green walls, light office space.