Orthopaedics is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention or correction of injuries or disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints and ligaments. The term “orthopaedic chair” is something of misconception with many people thinking they need an orthopaedic chair when in fact they mean ergonomic.

No one should buy any kind of product that claims to be orthopaedic based on just a short description of what that product is intended to do. There are a lot of great looking chairs on the market, many with stylish exo-skeletal frames but if there is no function or adjustment potential then you are paying for appearance and not comfort.

Poor seating in the workplace has led to something in the region of three quarters of all employees complaining about back problems at some point during their working life. Both how we sit and the kind of chair we sit on dramatically affects our seated comfort and more importantly, the health of our backs. Given the fact that we spend more time in our working environments than in any other location and that in the case of many people this involves being seated, chairs become a significant influence on our health and well being.

For anyone who is suffering back pain or discomfort we will not just sell you an “Orthopaedic chair”, instead we will engage with you to understand where and how your pain is felt and look at possible causes. Only then will we suggest a chair that may be right for you and in many cases we will arrange for you to borrow it for a few days to make sure. In many cases, we are able to take a standard chair and add features such as pressure sensitive foam and inflatable lumbar support that will tailor it to you without it looking different from the rest of the chairs in your office.

Below are some examples of chairs that we have supplied in this category, we don’t classify them as bronze, silver or gold because the necessity for comfort, quality and function over-ride desirability.

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Features: Negus is an elegant choice for any executive office, offering superb comfort and modern style. […]

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Features: Zody main features include asymmetric lumbar support, pelvic support, 4d adjustable arms, ergonomic seat design […]

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Features: The Inflexion offers a three lever mechanism with independent seat and back adjustment, body weight […]

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